Wednesday, August 25, 2010

When Ever there is good news theres has to be bad news

First the good news. I finally have a new car. I've been without a car for a little of a year now. All that the car needs is fluids changed, two new hoses and insurance. Yay!! hopefully I can get my transistion started in a few months.

Now for the bad news. I family pet is on his way out of this world. He is dieing. He is somewhere around the age of 17 years. We all saw it coming. I've prepared myself so much for this. Like good did that do. I feel soo sad right now I'm physically sick. I almost threw up a few times now.

here is a pic and a link to a video I made in his memory. If you love pets as family members and treat them as much please watch the video. He always love this song.
Phantom Loftus